I am, first and foremost, a creator.
Ever since I could hold a pencil, I've been scribbling and drawing. I've always enjoyed sharing ideas, taking photos, and expressing myself through paper or music. I've been writing poetry and stories throughout school, and discovered graphic design as soon as my computer switched from an MS-DOS to Windows95.
I grew up with the Internet and social media. I started to design graphics and create websites as a hobby back in '96, and the love for the digital medium has never left. AIM, Friendster, MySpace... I was an early adopter of all, including Facebook and Twitter. Professionally, I began working as a web developer and designer in 2005, volunteering my time for an organization I later helped co-found called 11:11 AM. We sold bracelets and merchandise, donating all profits to the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation (PCRF).
During this time, I honed my skills and continued on my journey through hobby work and then more professional work, continuing to freelance as I completed my Bachelor's degree in Media Arts and Animation. This is where I learned how to produce video from start to finish and increase my storytelling skills, aside from the expected animation work I put in.
I have worked in a small architecture firm, in a full-service marketing agency, and continued my freelance in various companies. I currently work as the Director of Media at Polestar Pilates International, where I curate and produce much of the media aside a small team. I continue to work as a freelancer in my spare time, with the rest of my spare time being dedicated to my ukulele, sketchbook, and muse/bunny, Pixel.
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